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in the war on terror since the killing of osama bin laden. how they took out a top taliban leader. the mastermind of an attack in times square. >>> sticking the landing. a woman parachutes out of the sky and lands in the passenger of a moving convertible. she tells us how she pulled this thing off. >>> and tale of the tail. scientists decode the hidden messages in the wagging of your dog's tail. and our sara haines hits the park to test it out. >>> good morning, everybody. let's get straight to our top story. the violence and panic inside one of america's biggest airports. 23-year-old ciancia. he's aused of bringing an assault rifle and 100 rounds into los angeles international airport yesterday morning. >> there was chaos and confusion in terminal three, as the suspect allegedly killed a tsa officer and shot two other people, before he was wounded in a shoot-out with police. we have live team coverage this morning, starting with abc's cecilia vega, who has the latest from l.a.x. >> reporter: good morning. a truly horrifying experience for passengers and workers here. but police s
wanted men in the world the leader of the taliban in pakistan, a $5 million bounty on his head, now dead. killed by a u.s. drone. his young looks in stark contrast to his crimes. the alleged master mind to that grisly plot portrayed in the movie zero dark thirty. u.s. officials simply saying, we got him. chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: for the cia getting hakimullah mehsud was personal. he was considered a master mind in the attack that killed seven cia officers and an afghan outpost in 2009 as portrayed in the movie zero dark thirty. mehsud gloated over the cia deaths and released a video he made with the suicide bomber used in the attack. >> this was an important strike. it kills the leader of an organization, that is a major threat to the united states. but he will be replaced. >> reporter: only in his mid30s, it was mehsud who led the pakistan taliban to expand its reach to america. the foiled bombing in new york's times square in 2010 was organized by mehsud. the bomber, faisal shahzad of connecticut trained with mehsud in pakistan and appeared in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)